See Our Range of 100% Organic Cotton T Shirts, Ethical Hoodies and Sustainable Jumpers. Vegan, Ditch Fast Fashion Now!

  • 100% Organic Cotton

    Our organic cotton is gentle on the earth and you. Grown without harmful chemicals, it protects the environment and the health of farmers and workers. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). These tees use 91% less water than conventional cotton!

  • Workers Rights

    Your clothing prioritises ethics throughout production. Fairwear certification guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions for farmers and workers. You're contributing to a better livelihood for farmers and promoting social justice in fashion.

  • We Plant Trees

    We're thrilled to be planting trees with the incredible Ecologi! For every item you buy, 5 trees get planted (including awesome mangroves that fight climate change, protect coasts from floods, and create fish nurseries). Ecologi even goes beyond offsetting your footprint by aiming to be carbon positive!

  • Cosy Quality

    We scoured the earth (well, the ethical fashion scene!) for clothes that tick all the boxes: ridiculously comfy, built to last adventures, and stylish enough to become your wardrobe's workhorses. Forget fast fashion – we're all about quality over quantity, so you can buy less, love more, and wear these pieces on repeat!

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Your Latest Journey in Sustainable Clothing

In the fashion galaxy where trends flicker and fade, Selas Cosmos ignites a supernova of style with our newest creations just for you. Dive into our 100% organic cotton T Shirts, soft whispers of comfort that hug you like sustainable sunbeams. PETA and GOTS approved base products, they're eco-champions woven with kindness.  Imagine warmth as the nights unfurl? Our Hoodies and Jumpers, spun from a ethical blend of organic cotton.

Man and woman wearing a sustainable jumper

Beyond Fast Fashion: 100% Organic Tees & Sustainable Hoodies and Jumpers for the Ethical You.

Did you know the fashion industry guzzles 10% of the world's carbon emissions? Enough to make even the chicest outfits blush. And conventional cotton? It sips water like a thirsty elephant, leaving fields desolate and earthworms weeping. But we believe you deserve better. You deserve clothes that hug your soul, not the planet.

Imagine 100% organic cotton t-shirts, soft whispers of comfort that hug you like a loyal sunbeam. Our Stanly/Stella base products are PETA and GOTS approved, guardians of conscious cool woven with kindness for the planet and your skin. Zero sweatshops, these aren't fleeting flames of fashion; they're long-lasting shape retaining Tees, ready to adventure with you.

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Lady wearing an organic cotton t shirt

But comfort is just the first chapter in our story. Dive deeper and you'll find hoodies and jumpers spun from a magical blend of organic cotton.

These are cosy, comfortable clothes, whispering tales of warmth and eco-conscious magic. They're statements you wear, declaring your love for the planet, all while feeling like you're nestled in a fluffy organic cotton cloud of softness.

Every item brought by you plants a seed of hope, a testament to your commitment to a brighter future and 5 actual trees!

Unweave the ordinary, wear Selas Cosmos. Welcome to Selas Cosmos, where your style tell organic stories of a kinder, ethical and more sustainable world.

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