100% Organic Cotton T Shirts, Ethical Hoodies and Sustainable Jumpers. Vegan, Ditch Fast Fashion Now!

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Beyond Fast Fashion: 100% Organic Tees & Sustainable Hoodies and Jumpers for the Ethical You.

Did you know the fashion industry guzzles 10% of the world's carbon emissions? Enough to make even the chicest outfits blush. And conventional cotton? It sips water like a thirsty elephant, leaving fields desolate and earthworms weeping. But we believe you deserve better. You deserve clothes that hug your soul, not the planet.

Imagine 100% organic cotton t-shirts, soft whispers of comfort that hug you like a loyal sunbeam. Our Stanly/Stella base products are PETA and GOTS approved, guardians of conscious cool woven with kindness for the planet and your skin. Zero sweatshops, these aren't fleeting flames of fashion; they're long-lasting shape retaining Tees, ready to adventure with you.

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But comfort is just the first chapter in our story. Dive deeper and you'll find hoodies and jumpers spun from a magical blend of organic cotton.

These are cosy, comfortable clothes, whispering tales of warmth and eco-conscious magic. They're statements you wear, declaring your love for the planet, all while feeling like you're nestled in a fluffy organic cotton cloud of softness.

Every item brought by you plants a seed of hope, a testament to your commitment to a brighter future and 5 actual trees!

Unweave the ordinary, wear Selas Cosmos. Welcome to Selas Cosmos, where your style tell organic stories of a kinder, ethical and more sustainable world.

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Your Latest Journey in Sustainable Clothing

In the fashion galaxy where trends flicker and fade, Selas Cosmos ignites a supernova of style with our newest creations just for you. Dive into our 100% organic cotton T Shirts, soft whispers of comfort that hug you like sustainable sunbeams. PETA and GOTS approved base products, they're eco-champions woven with kindness.  Imagine warmth as the nights unfurl? Our Hoodies and Jumpers, spun from a ethical blend of organic cotton.

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