Do better page

This is a page about the things we think we can do better on for the environment. We want to be as honest with where our clothes come from. We are super proud of the steps we have taken to become a sustainable fashion brand. We use great companies like Stella Stanley and Econscious. We plant trees and offset carbon with Ecologi. 🌱

If you know of anything we can do to be better please please let us know. 🙏

Clothing Packaging 🎁

This is an area we know we can improve on. Currently all our clothing comes in polymer mailer bags, these are recyclable. We are looking into vegan biodegradable packaging at the moment.  Honesty confession. Our packing is not vegan yet. We are looking at changing this ASAP. We want to make the world better but its a balancing act of ethical, sustainability and vegan. Start your sustainable journey now. 🌱

Clothing Packaging Update 🎁 2022

Our bags are now made from PCR (70-100% recycled plastic) and can be recycled again. Our packaging is now vegan! Our only thing left is the shipping labels. Thats the next target!

Shipping 📦

Our products are shipped from the EU. We realise that this increases the carbon footprint of our products but as a small company it that means we can sell Europe wide. Our printers have just opened a branch in the UK and we hope in the future more UK orders will be shipped from there. We use this company as they use Vegan inks and also use the direct to garment printing which is more environmentally friendly then other methods.

Recycled plastics ♻

Our hoodies, hoodie dresses and sweatshirts use recycled plastics and organic cotton. We love that the plastic is being re used and not ending up in landfill. We also understand that some people want no plastic at all as washing clothes with any plastics can create micro plastics. Again its a balancing act for us and we have gone down the recycled plastic route. Its also print on demand so no extra clothing is printed that will end up in landfill. They also donate any seconds to charity.

The future 🤖

Our aim is to be better, to create sinless shopping. It really is a balancing act at the moment. As we have said before please do let us know if you have any other improvements.