What is sustainable eco ethical vegan organic fashion and why use it?

We want to make the world better. 

lady wearing vegan t shirt

This is a great question! Thanks for asking. When I started Selas Cosmos (formerly Koala chess art) as an independent UK eco clothing brand my main aim was not to use fast fashion products for any of the clothing. I did not feel it was ethically correct that a person should work for a wage I would not accept, just so I could have cheap clothing. After a lot of research into sustainable fashion brands I initially launched the t-shirts with a great company who looked after their workers and used solar powered factories.  They also used less water.  Did you know that many of the dyes used in fashion can not be removed from the waste water? This water is then no longer possible to use in the local area and are major pollutants. Given that clean drinking water is often scarce in the areas where clothes are made its not very ethically or ecologically sound. 

After more research we now use Stella Stanley for our clothing.

STANLEY/STELLA who are Anti sweatshop with Fair Wear, organic cotton in accordance with Global Organics Textile standard and Vegan. It makes you feel good on the inside and out. 

We have also teamed up with Ecologi and we plant two trees for ever item brought.

We have improved our packing! 

We are so pleased to announce that our mailer bags are now made from 70-100% pcr. Whats PCR?

Post-consumer recycled plastic (often referred to as PCR), is made from items that consumers use and recycle every day, like plastic bottles, food containers, etc.

One of the main reasons we are not using compostable bags at the moment is that many of them require very specific recycling instructions and conditions. PCR bags are easy to sort and recycle. These PCR are also robust enough to be recycled again. 

If you want to read more about vegan fashion look at our vegan page.