What is sustainable ethical organic fashion and why use it?

We want to make the world better: The Problem & The Dream

lady wearing vegan t shirt

One of our 100% Organic Cotton T Shirts

Imagine you are walking down the street, wearing a comfortable and stylish t shirt that feels soft and smooth on your skin. You feel good about yourself, not only because you look great, but also because you know that your t  shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, and processed in a way that respects the environment and the workers who made it. You also know that by buying this t shirt, you have contributed to planting a tree, as part of a global initiative to combat climate change and deforestation.

Toxic Trend Alert: Unmasking the Environmental & Ethical Cost of Fast Fashion

Now, you might be thinking, "Isn't all this just a greenwashed gimmick?" Well, buckle up, because here's the juicy truth: the fast fashion industry is a thirsty beast, guzzling up 10% of the world's carbon emissions and leaving a trail of pollution longer than a forgotten sweater in the back of your closet. Shocking, right?

Organic Cotton T Shirts: Dream in Softness, Feel Good for the Planet

But amidst this chaos, true sustainable fashion shines like a beacon of hope. It's not just about trendy bamboo tees (which often involve harmful pesticides and chemical treatments, shh!), it's about certified organic cotton, where every seed is nurtured without a drop of synthetic nasties. It's about brands like Selas Cosmos, where 100% organic cotton t shirts become sunbeams you wear. 100% organic cotton hoodies and jumpers embrace you like warm, whispering eco-warriors.

Sustainable Hoodie

One of our Sustainable Hoodies

Sustainable Fashion Revolution: Beyond Buzzwords, Building a Kinder Clothesline

But it's not all about fluffy feels and eco-cred. Sustainable fashion is also about you finding clothes that last, that become your companions on your adventures, not fleeting flames of fashion. It's about your ethical sourcing, fair wages for the people who make your clothes, and knowing that your purchase isn't just feeding the fashion beast, but nurturing a kinder planet for everyone and everything.

Transparency Matters: Certifications to Trust Your Clothes

So, where do you, the ethically curious adventurer, begin? Start by asking questions. Seek out brands like Selas Cosmos that use STANLEY/STELLA for their base products, where transparency is the middle name and certifications like PETA, GOTS, and Fair Wear are badges of honour. Ditch the greenwashed mirages and embrace the brands that walk the talk, weaving kindness into every stitch.

Vegan DTG Printing & Print-on-Demand: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Eco-Friendly Fashion

Your new clothes will use a vegan DTG (Direct-to-garment) printing process, which ensures that no animal-derived materials or by-products are used in the production of your t shirts. Unlike traditional screen printing which uses tons of water and nasty plastisol inks.

Waste and the fashion industry sadly go hand in hand with an estimated truck full of unwanted textiles being sent to landfill or incinerated every second. Because of this your t shirt will be produced using print on demand to ensure there is no overproduction or additional waste.  

Five Trees per Purchase: Planting Hope with Ecologi for a Greener Tomorrow

Just to make sure your t shirt is covered for any other carbon footprint we also plant five trees per item. To achieve this for you we have teamed up with Ecologi.

We have improved our packing! 

We are so pleased to announce that our mailer bags are now made from 70-100% pcr. Whats PCR?

Post-consumer recycled plastic (often referred to as PCR), is made from items that consumers use and recycle every day, like plastic bottles, food containers, etc.

One of the main reasons we are not using compostable bags at the moment is that many of them require very specific recycling instructions and conditions. PCR bags are easy to sort and recycle. These PCR are also robust enough to be recycled again. 

We will keep Working for You!

Its always a trade off but we are trying to do the best that we can for you.

If you want to read more about vegan fashion look at our vegan page.