Why Vegan Fashion?

Beyond Crunchy Granola - Unveiling the Real Vegan Fashion

lady wearing vegan t shirt

Now, hold on before you dismiss this as another crunchy-granola trend. Vegan fashion isn't just about hemp sandals and tie-dye. It's a global rebellion against the fast fashion beast, a movement roaring with statistics that shake the industry's flimsy fabric. We have Vegan Jumpers, Vegan Hoodies and Vegan T shirts.

Climate Warriors Unmasked: Animal Agriculture's Shocking Eco-Footprint

Did you know a recent guardian article states animal agriculture industry alone spews out a whopping 18 % of all global greenhouse gas emissions? That's more than all the world's airplanes, trains, and ships combined! And the water usage? Its huge.

Unearthing Hidden Nasties: From Cruel Wool Shearing to Boiling Cocoons

It's not just about avoiding leather and feathers – it's about delving deeper, unearthing the hidden nasties like some wool production and cruel shearing practices or silk's boiling cocoons. It's about choosing brands that wear their ethics on their sleeves, like Selas Cosmos, where our 100% organic cotton t shirts hug your skin with the caress of conscience.

Slay the Itchy Stereotype: Today's Vegan Wardrobe is Chic and Sustainable

But vegan fashion isn't just about feeling good in your clothes, it's about looking good too. Forget the grainy images of itchy hemp sacks! Today's vegan wardrobe is a runway of vibrant prints and sleek silhouettes, crafted with an eye for both style and sustainability. You can snuggle into a cloud-soft 100% organic cotton hoodie, knowing your fashion choices are echoing with animal kindness.

Dive Deeper: Explore Our Sustainability Page and Discover Vegan Fashion Insights

Does it need to be Vegan? Why not? If you can produce something without harming something else why wouldn’t you? If you want to know more about vegan fashion we have written a blog about it. Our base products are by Stella Stanley who are Peta approved. Our inks used in the printing process are Vegan too!

We have also teamed up with Ecologi and we plant five trees for ever item brought.

If you want to read more about our sustainability visit our page.