Your clothes and the ocean and an image of a washing machine in the ocean

Your Clothes & the Ocean: A Surprising Connection (and How to Fix It!)

Ditch the Microfibers, Embrace Natural Fibers

Imagine this: you're doing laundry, feeling virtuous for cleaning up after a fun weekend. But unbeknown to you, with every spin cycle, you might be contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans. Crazy, right? It turns out, those cosy hoodies, jumpers and trendy leggings we love? They're often made with synthetic materials that shed tiny plastic fibres called microfibers when washed. These microfibers are too small for most treatment plants to capture, and they end up winding up in our waterways, harming marine life, harming us, being in our blood, placentas and even entering our food chain. Yikes! 

Break the Cycle: Choose Quality Over Quantity

Ditch Fast Fashion: Those trendy, low-cost pieces are often made with cheap, synthetic materials that shed more readily. Instead, invest in quality garments made from natural fibres like organic cotton. Organic cotton is not only free of harmful pesticides, but it also biodegrades much faster than synthetics, reducing its environmental impact. While bamboo fibers are often touted as an eco-friendly alternative, the reality is that most bamboo clothing on the market goes through a harsh chemical process that negates its eco-benefits.

Washing Smarter, Not Harder

Less is More: Believe it or not, washing your clothes less often can significantly reduce microfiber shedding. Spot clean when possible, and opt for cold water washes over hot water. Hot water can loosen fibers, making them more likely to detach.

Catch Those Microfibers: Adding a special microfiber-catching laundry bag to your washing routine can also help trap those tiny plastic bits before they reach the drain.

White Cat's Cradle | Vegan Jumper worn by a woman

White Cat's Cradle | Vegan Jumper worn by a woman

Supporting Sustainable Brands Makes a Difference

Look for Eco-Conscious Companies: Look for companies committed to sustainable practices, like using organic cotton. Here at Selas Cosmos, we take this issue seriously. That's why all our soft tees, cosy hoodies and jumpers are crafted from 100% organic cotton, ensuring you look and feel good while minimising your environmental impact.

So, there you have it! By making a few small changes, you can be a champion for cleaner oceans and a more sustainable future. Who knew looking good could also mean doing good? Ready to make a difference? Check out our collection of organic cotton clothing at Selas Cosmos and see how you can join the movement!

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