Secret styling hacks for your Tees Part two

Secret styling hacks for your Tees Part two

In a world of fast fashion, let's take a moment to embrace a more thoughtful approach to our wardrobe choices. Have you ever considered pairing an Organic Cotton T shirt  with a dress? A chic and eco-friendly combo that can transform your look while making a positive impact on the planet. And the best part? You can use any dress you already have, or why not explore some local second-hand stores to find the perfect match? Not sure how to go about it then read this handy guide to second hand clothing shopping?🛍️💃

lady with eco scottie dog tee

Now, let's dive into our sustainable style inspiration: Picture this – a fabulous lady wearing a charming polka dot skirt paired with our "Scottie Dog" 100% Organic Cotton t shirt, featuring an adorable canine print. It's like a match made in fashion heaven! 🐾🎀

To nail that retro-inspired look, all you need is confidence. Let your polka dots steal the show while our lovable scottie dog tee adds a touch of whimsy to the ensemble. 🐶💕 And don't forget to slip on your favourite white pumps for that classic finish. Oh, and those pink headphones? They're not just for music – they're the perfect accessory to groove to your favourite tunes! 🎧🎶

Join us in celebrating sustainable style that's all about having fun with your wardrobe choices. Let's break away from the cycle of fast fashion that costs the planet and make choices that align with our values. Stay fabulous and eco-conscious, because fashion can be kind to both you and the planet! 🌎🌈

Stay tuned for more exciting style tips from Selas Cosmos! Happy styling and remember, you're making a positive difference with every outfit. 🌿✨

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