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Secret styling hacks for your Tees Part one

Ready to unleash your inner sustainable  fashionista? At Selas Cosmos, we believe that 100% Organic Cotton Printed tees paired with solid-colour bottoms is the ultimate style game-changer! 🌟 Let's dive into the enchanting world of mixing our vibrant Vegan tees with elegant trousers and chic skirts to create outfits that leave a lasting impression. 🌿✨

Lady wearing dinosaur t shirt looking at their phone

Why Less is More: Embracing the Minimalist Sustainable Wardrobe with Bold Statements

Make a Bold Ethical Statement with Contrasting Colours! 🌈 Pair our "Velociraptor Blowing Bubbles" tee, featuring a playful dinosaur print, with solid-coloured bottoms in a complementary hue. Think of sizzling orange trousers to add a pop of colour that screams fun! 🦖🟠 This daring combination will turn heads and set you apart from the crowd.

To complete the look, don a trendy straw hat or anything you can pick up second hand and slide into some white pumps for a quirky yet stylish ensemble that's bound to make a splash wherever you go! 🌞

Slow Fashion, Big Impact: Celebrating Quality Pieces that Last

Remember, it's not about having countless fast fashion pieces; it's about making thoughtful choices that celebrate your individual style and contribute to a healthier planet. 🌎💚 So, embrace our high-quality 100% Organic Cotton tees, mix and match, and unleash the eco-chic fashionista within you!

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