7 Sloth Facts You Need To Know!

7 Sloth Facts You Need To Know!

Sloths - Earth's Slow Wonders! We Love Sloths we have T Shirts and Hoodies with them on. Did you know sloths are the world's slowest mammals? 🦥 But there's more to these incredible creatures than their leisurely pace. Here are seven fascinating sloth facts about sloths that will leave you in awe:

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Sloth Fact 1. Ancient Heritage

Sloths belong to the xenarthran group, with a lineage dating back 60 million years!

Giant ground sloths once roamed North and South America. Sadly, they went extinct around 12,000 years ago, possibly due to human influence and climate change.

Sloth Fact 2. Three-Toed vs. Two-Toed

Don't let the names fool you. All sloths have three toes on their rear limbs. Two-toed sloths have only two digits on their forelimbs. Plus, they have different "active" times - two-toed at night, three-toed at dawn and dusk!

Sloth Fact 3. Green Partners

Sloths host symbiotic green algae in their fur, providing camouflage and nutrients. It's like having your own garden! These algae also feed sloth moths, which exclusively live on sloths.

Sloth Fact 4. Aqua Sloths

Surprisingly, sloths are excellent swimmers. They can hold their breath underwater for up to 40 minutes!

A sloth swimming

Sloth Fact 5. Snooze Champions

Sloths spend 8 to 10 hours a day dozing off! Their leisurely lifestyle and low metabolic rate keep them in a perpetual state of relaxation. They amble through the treetops at a leisurely 40 yards per day, savouring leaves, twigs, and buds along their journey.

Man wearing Sloth Hoodie

Sustainable Sloth Hoodie

Sloth Fact 6. Rare Ground Ventures

Sloths call the canopy home, descending only once a week for essential nature calls. No one knows why they do this. This arboreal haven protects them from predators like jaguars and eagles. On occasion, sloths venture down in search of sustenance or a potential mate.

Sloth Fact 7. Protecting Sloths

Habitat loss threatens sloths. Deforestation in South and Central American tropical forests endangers the trees crucial for their survival.

Join us at Selas Cosmos as we celebrate these captivating forest guardians and champion sustainable fashion and ecological preservation (we plant five trees per item purchased). Together, let's safeguard the ecosystems these delightful creatures call home.

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