Sheep standing in the oceans with a bag of wool in front of them.

5 Reasons Your Next Hoodie Should Be Vegan (and Why The Earth Will Thank You)

Remember that cheap cosy hoodie? The one now gathering dust, falling apart, misshapen after a few washes - overshadowed by fast fashion's latest "must-have", featured on some influencer's post? Don't worry, we've all been there. But what if your next hoodie could be long lasting , stylish, and guilt-free? Buckle up, fashion lovers, because vegan hoodies are here to rewrite the script. Here's 5 reasons you should join the eco-conscious crew and rock a vegan hoodie with pride:

Sheep next to bag of wool in ocean

Sheep next to bag of wool in ocean

1. Ditch the Woolly Worries:

Forget itchy sweaters and animal welfare concerns. Vegan hoodies are crafted from super-soft, ethically sourced materials like organic cotton. Did you know it takes a huge 170,000 litres of water to produce just 1 kg of wool, just 3% of that is enough to produce 1 kg of cotton? No sheep were harmed (graphic images) in the making either!

2. Say Goodbye to Landfill Loneliness:

10,000 items are sent to landfill every 5 minutes thanks to fast fashion's fleeting trends. But your vegan hoodies should be built to last. Opt for organic cotton's durability and timeless styles, ensuring your vegan hoodie becomes a cherished companion, not landfill fodder. Plus it will save around 140 million pounds of wasted money a year too!

3. Embrace the Inkwell Revolution:

Traditional printing methods often use harmful chemicals that pollute and impact workers' health. Vegan inks, made with plant-based or water-based solutions, offer a vibrant and eco-friendly alternative. Don't forget to check the printing method of your print too, DTG or direct to garment uses less water and is more environmentally friendly. Your hoodie looks good, the planet feels good – win-win!

Couple wearing sustainable vegan hoodie

White Tree Hug | Sustainable Vegan Hoodie

4. Step onto the Ethical Fashion Journey:

Feeling lost in the sea of "sustainable" options and greenwashing? Brands like Selas Cosmos offer transparency and traceability. We use certified organic cotton, eco-friendly inks, and share details about our production processes and social responsibility initiatives, empowering you to make informed choices. Look for certifications such as GOTS, Peta and Fairwear when selection your vegan hoodie.

5. Comfort You Can Count On:

Let's face it, traditional hoodies can be stiff, itchy, or shrink after one wash. Not ours! Vegan hoodies use natural, breathable materials like organic cotton for ultimate comfort, ensuring you feel as good as you look. They last for ages too. Buy better, buy less!

Ditch fast fashion and take a look at some of our hoodies now.

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