How many Species of T-Rex are there? 🦖

A new study in Evolutionary Biology has suggested there are in fact three species of T-Rex and not just the standard single species model. Studies of the bone structure specifically the femur (the big legs) and the incisors (the big teeth) has led to speculation there could be grounds for additional categories.  However some other scientists also dispute this finding saying that it is possible for evolution to occur in a species especially if they were about for as long as a T-Rex was. This type of evolution is called ecotypic variation. 

At Koala Chess Art we have known of at least three types of Tyrannosaurus Rex maybe not species!

T rex playing tennis

The T-Rex as they're more known - is the king of the dinosaurs. But it was a common misconception that is was their strength and power that made them king. In fact, it was actually their sporting prowess. The large tail acts as a perfect balance and with their vision based on movement, the T-Rex has amazing hand-eye coordination. And that makes them quite the tennis player.

T rex on the dance floor

Part of this dinos on the dance floor range this T rex loves 80's music especially hip hop. His go to dance move is the running man.

Often found together in large groups with two dinosaurs facing each other and a large group encircling them.  Initially this was believed to be confrontational.  In fact it was just a dance off.

T rex juggling

Ever the showman this T-Rex has some set of circus skills. They prefer the unicycle as they think it makes them look more daring. The tongue they claim is essential for balance.

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