How far can a lizard fly? 🦎

Who are they?

Known as the dragon Lizard (Draco being latin for dragon). These Lizards are aboral which means they like to hang out high among the trees, snacking on insects. If you want to catch them in the wild rather than on a long haul flight, you best head to south east Asia.

Do they really fly?

Ok well maybe flying might be stretching the truth, they do in fact glide. They have highly specialised ribs that can be separated with skin between them known as the patagia.

As explained in this great article it is speculated that these lizards can have more control over their flight than previously believed enabling them to manovue themselves mid-flight.

Flying Lizard

What about the one you have drawn?

A common misconception by many zoologists is that flying lizards are not capable of powered flight. These "experts" often say arboreal lizard can glide only (to pretty impressive distances though 100m plus).🤔This lizard can fly as long as there is fuel (sustainable) in the tank!🦎

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