Did the octopus always have eight legs? 🐙

No this is not the start of a joke, it's a real serious question (sometimes we can be serious). Well the short answer is no. A recent study of a previously neglected fossil some 330 million years old has 10 limbs! It's also been named after the current American president and has the name Syllipsimopodi bideni.

Octopus multitasking

In other Octopus news the world's first octopus farm has been set up.  Apparently the demand for Octopus meat is sadly growing. If you have ever seen “My octopus teacher” on Netflix I am sure you will never eat one again.  It's also been added to the UK’s list of sentient beings.

How many hearts is too many hearts?

Well Octopuses have three that function at different times.  If they are swimming only two are being used. If they are walking on the sea bed they can use all three which is less tiring. It is probably why in a recent survey Octopuses listed hiking as their number one favourite pastime over swimming.

You drew your Octopus multitasking was that for fun or scientific fact?

It depends who you ask. They either have nine brains, one for each tentacle and a main brain or just one that controls everything.  Current thinking suggests that the independent nature of each tentacle would heavily suggests the nine brain model.  Whichever it is, they are certainly extremely clever creatures.

Why do you keep saying Octopuses It's Octopi!

Well we are sorry but as the word is of Greek origin its Octopuses, if it was of Latin it would be Octopi. You knew that really though.